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Olympic Moments
When Saina had Bill Gates in audience
On a day, when the entire Indian contingent's attention was focused on Abhinav Bindra's golden effort, Saina Nehwal, the 18-year-old Hyderabadi shuttler, was writing her own script.
When Dhyan Chand & Co defied Hitler
They had the gift to mesmerise opponents and crowd alike. Few know Dhyan Chand and his teammates had the guts as well to defy the Fuhrer at his backyard.
India at Athens, 2004
The high of a silver medal in the first week was overshadowed by the doping scandal in the second. Indian sport found itself with a few things to celebrate but much to deliberate.
Some myths and realities about Athens
A reality check on the Athens Olympics overturns some old, new and well-entrenched fallacies about the world's greatest sporting event and the athletes who are its stars.
Oh! those were Olympic games?
In the 1900 Olympic games, held at Paris, there was organisational confusion due to the hosting of the World Fair that year. Many participants only later came to know that they had in fact competed in Olympic games.
The Beijing Games has spawned two conflicting isms: Phelpsism vs Boltism.
Media mismanagement
The Great Wail of China
Overhead smash
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Medals Tally (Beijing 2008)
Country G S B T
1. China 51 21 28 100
2. USA 36 38 36 110
3. Russia 23 21 28 72
4. Britain 19 13 15 47
5. Germany 16 10 15 41
6. Australia 14 15 17 46
7. S Korea 13 10 8 31
8. Japan 9 6 10 25
9. Italy 8 10 10 28
10. France 7 16 17 40
50. India 1 0 2 3
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Medals Tally ( Athens 2004)
We are proud of Abhinav Bindra, Sushil Kumar and Bijender Kumar. Congratulations to all of them. I hope now the corporate world and media in the country will concentrate more on games other than cricket.
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