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Buddy, you salvaged the prestige of 100 crore people in this nation...hats off to you soldier...!

-By Sarin Jayaram from Chennai (sarinpj@rediffmail.com)

A great relief for all Indians. This is the best performance after the hockey Gold in 1964!

-By Srinivas from Hyderabad (srinivaspnz@yahoo.com)

Hearty congratulations dear Abhinav Bindra!! Tune Bharat ki shaan rakh lee.

-By Sudhir Bodas from Thane (sudhirvb@indiatimes.com)

Salaam Abhinav. You have made our nation proud. Keep it up and do not stop. All the best.

-By Siba Guha from Pune (spguha@indiatimes.com)

You have made India proud.

- By Priya S. from Bangalore (priya_aruthra@yahoo.co.in)

Hats off to Abhinav Bindra. Congratulations buddy!! You have saved the prestige of India. I thank you on behalf of the entire nation.

- By Shanmuga Prakash from Chennai (pshanmuga.prakash@gmail.com)

Congratulations to you. You have done a great job for all of us. I am very happy and proud of Abhinav Bindra for winning the gold medal for our country.

- By Vamsi Kotta from Hyderabad (k.vamsikrishna@rediffmail.com)

Dear Abhinav, we are proud of you.

-By Nandanan Balakrishnan from Muscat (nandanbala@gmail.com)

Our shooters are in good form. They will definitely be proved as threat to the shooting teams of other nations. Let's see how much hard work they do to win medals for India. Their winning performances will help India to host Olympics 2020.

-By Vikrant D. Oke (vikrant.oke@gmail.com)

I am an Indian and I hope all of our Indian participants will try hard to get at least three gold medals for the country.


-By Ashutosh Gupta (ashu_gupta09@rediffmail.com)

I hope India will win gold medal this time in Beijing Olympics.

-By Rahul S (rahulseetharaman@gmail.com)

I see no hope of any medal as our team is always demoralised due to political interference.

-By Chander Mohan Chitkara (chandermohan_104@yahoo.com)

I do pray for Indian players to win gold medals in the Beijing Olympics.

-By Umesn Pal (umesh_kavi2003@yahoo.co.in)
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Medals Tally (Beijing 2008)
Country G S B T
1. China 51 21 28 100
2. USA 36 38 36 110
3. Russia 23 21 28 72
4. Britain 19 13 15 47
5. Germany 16 10 15 41
6. Australia 14 15 17 46
7. S Korea 13 10 8 31
8. Japan 9 6 10 25
9. Italy 8 10 10 28
10. France 7 16 17 40
50. India 1 0 2 3
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Medals Tally ( Athens 2004)
We are proud of Abhinav Bindra, Sushil Kumar and Bijender Kumar. Congratulations to all of them. I hope now the corporate world and media in the country will concentrate more on games other than cricket.
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